Warming up

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In this video we look at a few warm-up drills that focus on the primary muscle groups associated with basketball. There are hundreds of warm-up drills that you can utilize if you’d like. This is just the set that I’ve chosen. What ever you do, be sure to warm-up and stretch before every basketball practice and game and exercise session. And never stretch unless you’ve warmed up first.

Warming-up shouldn’t take long. This set of drills will take you about 5 minutes max. Remember, you’re warming up, you’re not racing. You’ll get plenty of chance to sprint when the practice or game begins. Your goal in warming-up is simply to get your blood actively flowing through your muscles in preparation for stretching. Also, like any basketball drill, focus on your form. Don’t worry about what you look like or who’s next to you or what they’re doing. Focus on yourself.

In summary:

  • We look at four warm-up drills that can be performed in five minutes or less.
  • They are: the easy jog, basketball skipping, the carioca, and the forward/backward run.
  • It’s not a race and it’s not silly.
  • It’s preparing you to stretch properly which is preparing you to safely give your all during practice or the game.
  • Have fun but focus on your form and don’t cut corners.


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