Spin Dribble

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In this video we look at the spin dribble. Like the v-dribble, the spin dribble is a way to move the ball from one hand to the other. However, unlike the v-dribble, the spin dribble includes a change of direction and protects the ball from your defender – all at the same time. The spin dribble is a complex dribbling move so we will approach it slowly beginning with smaller spins and work our way up to a full spin.

In summary:

  1. use elbow or corner court markings to help you achieve the full movement
  2. start with one quarter and half turn spins before trying the complete spin
  3. get comfortable throwing your shoulders and spinning into the ball
  4. begin with a low dribble using the hand on the outside of the corner
  5. as you push the ball down throw your shoulders toward the ball and drop your back foot back and around the corner
  6. receive the ball in your trailing hand with your hand on the side of the ball
  7. push the ball around the spin with your hand on the side of the ball
  8. don’t let your hand fall below the midline of the ball
  9. use the centrifugal force of your spin keep the ball in your hand
  10. point your lead foot as you spin and step your following foot into place as you begin a new low dribble.