Shoe Maintenance

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In this video we look at the most fundamental skill in basketball – taking care of your shoes. There are two components to getting good traction on the basketball court. The first is ensuring that your shoes aren’t slipping on the court and the second is ensuring that your feet aren’t slipping inside your shoes.

In summary:

  • Tighten up your shoe laces as tight as you can at the start of every practice or game. Tighten them again any time you gave a minute and can sit down.
  • Use a wet sponge, cloth or paper towel to clean off the bottom of your shoes at the start of every practice or game and repeat any time you have a chance. Rub off excess water before you go out on the court.
  • Any time you have a few seconds to stand still on the court, reach down and clean off the bottoms of your shoes with your hands. Just wipe your hands on your shorts.


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