Power Layup

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In this video we look at a fundamental offensive move called the power layup. The power layup has a number of advantages over the classic layup that so many beginning basketball players struggle to learn. Briefly, the power layup can be learned in stages, it produces a higher percentage shot, it puts you in a position to rebound your missed shot, and it allows you to fake a shot if you are closely guarded. The classic layup does none of these things.

In summary:

  1. Start at the elbow and take one or at most two dribbles toward the basket.
  2. Jump-stop about three feet from the backboard and a bit toward the outside of the lane.
  3. Keeping your shoulders parallel to the backboard, jump toward the basket and in a line parallel to the backboard.
  4. Stretch to the rim and shoot using just the wrist of your outside hand.
  5. Bounce your shot lightly off the backboard using the shooting rectangle as a guide.


  • Jump Stop
  • Stretch Shot