Power Dribble

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In this video we look at a fundamental low post move called the power dribble. The low post position is located close to the basket on either side of the free-throw lane. Players in this position often need to move quickly toward the basket and need a way to move both their feet without being called for a traveling violation. The power dribble is made for this purpose. A power dribble involves using both hands to quickly slam the basketball against the ground one time and retrieve the ball again in both hands.

In summary:

  1. assume an athletic stance
  2. hold the ball low with both hands on the upper half of the ball
  3. push the ball quickly downward with your forearms and wrists and by bending your knees further
  4. listen for a loud bang as the ball hits the floor and rebounds directly back into your hands
  5. grab the rebound tightly in your hands