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In this video we take a look at the fundamental offensive basketball movement called the “Pivot”. When you are stationary with the basketball, pivoting is just about the only kind of movement you are allowed to do. Any more than that and the officials are likely to call a traveling violation which gives the ball to the other team. When you are holding the ball and especially when you have stopped dribbling or you’re not a great dribbler, the defense will often close in an put lots of pressure on you in an attempt to steal the ball or force you to make a bad pass. The worst thing you can do at a time like that is to turn your back away from the basket and away from your team, bend over and clutch the ball close to your body like you’re playing football and waiting to be tackled. Instead, we look at the pivot combined with chinning the ball as a way to keep the defenders off of you and allow you to look to your team for help and options.

In summary:

  1. assume an athletic stance
  2. bring the ball up to just below your chin
  3. your hands should be on either side of the ball and squeezing the ball tightly
  4. your elbows should be out with your forearms parallel to the floor
  5. your weight should be forward on your feet
  6. push off with one foot and rotate on the ball of the other foot
  7. finish with your feet parallel to each other
  8. don’t bounce, instead work on quickness