Modified Shooting for Smaller/Younger Players

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In this video we look at a version of basic shooting technique that has been modified for the needs of smaller and younger players.

Be sure to view the basic shooting technique video before watching this video.

Smaller and younger players often don’t have the upper body strength necessary to get a basketball all the way to the basket if they shoot from their forehead. Unfortunately, they often struggle and fall into bad habits that aren’t useful while they’re small and make it even more difficult to learn proper shooting form as they grow taller and stronger.

In summary:

  1. Place your feet and hold the ball as instructed in the basic shooting video.
  2. Look to the rim and locate the front center of the rim.
  3. Dip and bring the ball to the center of your body – even with your chin.
  4. Push up with your legs and with your arm.
  5. Release the ball with backspin and work for a straight shot with high arch.
  6. Finish with your shooting hand pointed down and fingers pointed at the center of the rim.