Low Dribble

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In this video we focus on one of the basic offensive basketball skills – the low dribble. Dribbling is the way a basketball player maintains control of the ball and the low dribble is the most basic way to do that. Practice and become expert at the low dribble before moving on to more complex dribbling skills. It is much easier to learn a new skill than to break a bad habit.

In summary:

  • you dribble from an athletic stance with your foot on the dribbling side slid backward to form a protective pocket for the ball
  • your dribbling hand is slightly cupped and your fingers are spread
  • only the outer 2/3 of your fingers make contact with the ball
  • push the ball downward with your whole arm, keep your upper body still
  • flick your wrist at the bottom of the push to give the ball a slight backward spin
  • don’t slap the ball
  • make contact with the ball on its upward movement and ride the ball to the top of its bounce
  • your non dribbling hand should be pointed downward, palm in and fingers spread
  • become proficient with both hands