Jumping Technique

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In this video we look at the fundamentals of jumping. We look at the basic body movement required to get as much out of your jump as possible and then we look at timing your jump. Finally, we look at basic techniques for increasing the height of your jump.

Jumping is critical to rebounding, shot blocking and pass catching or intercepting passes.

In summary:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, look upward.
  • Crouch down and swing your arms backward.
  • Swing your arms back forward and upward while extend your legs explosively.
  • Time your jump so that you catch the ball at the top of your jump with your arms fully extended.
  • Work on your timing by tossing the ball to yourself.
  • Increase your vertical height by strengthening your quadriceps muscles.
  • Your exercise routines should focus on fewer repetitions and greater weight.
  • Exercise explosively.