Inflating a Basketball

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In order to develop proper dribbling, passing and shooting skills, it’s important that you work with a basketball that’s properly inflated. Most kids practice with a basketball that is over-inflated.  Then when they get in a game the ball feels dead and they haven’t developed the arm strength to dribble it properly.

Some basketballs come with a stamp near the inflation hole.  They may look official but the instructions are misleading.  There’s no “official” inflation pressure for a basketball.  If there were, then basketballs would behave differently when you play on a hard surface like concrete than they do when you play on a soft surface like a wood court.  Even wood courts have different amounts of hardness depending on their construction.

The proper amount of inflation is related to how high the ball bounces.  Every time you play on a new surface you need to ensure that the ball still bounces just like it should.  Just remember the numbers 72 inches, 49 inches, and 54 inches.  And keep a ball pump close at hand.