Drop Step

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In this video we’re going to look at a basic low post scoring move called a drop step. When executed properly and quickly it can be very difficult to defend. There are two versions of the move: one toward the baseline and the other away from the baseline. The version you choose will depend on how you’re being guarded. First we’ll look at the fundamentals of the move and then we’ll look at the move in the larger context of being guarded. Finally, we’ll look at how a well placed pass can lead you through the movement and more quickly to the basket.

In summary:

  1. assume a good athletic stance
  2. pivot and extend your lead foot as far as you can toward the basket
  3. turn your foot so that it points to the basket as it hits the ground
  4. if you already have the ball in your hands turn your head toward the basket and execute a power dribble – the ball should hit the ground at the same time as your lead foot
  5. stay low throughout the move and explode to the basket with a stretch shot
  6. if your team mate is leading you with a pass focus on catching the ball first before looking to the basket
  7. practice moving both toward the baseline and toward the middle
  8. catch the ball with power, move with power, dribble with power and shoot with power
  9. know what you’re going to do before you get the ball so that you can move immediately and quickly toward the basket