Curriculum at a Glance

I)    Fundamentals

A)   Ball Handling

B)  Inflating a Basketball

C)   Physical Skills

i)   athletic stance

ii)  how to jump

iii) how to run

iv)  how to breathe

v)  how to tie your shoes and keep them clean

vi) how to warm-up

vii)     how to stretch

viii)    how to exercise

a)  core muscles

b)  quadriceps and hamstrings

c)   chest, shoulders, and triceps

ix)  footwork

D)  Thinking Skills

i)     leadership

ii)   attitude

iii)  court sense

iv)  game sense

v)   anticipating and reacting

vi)  unselfishness

vii)attention to details

viii)    shot selection

ix)  supporting your teammates

II)  Individual Skills

A)   Offensive Skills

i)     Shooting

a)   basic shooting technique

b)   modified shooting for smaller and younger players

c)   power layup

d)   classic layup

e)   jump shot

f)    fake shot

g)   low post moves

1)   stretch shooting

2)   power dribble

3)   drop step baseline/middle

4)   hook shot

5)   push hook shot

6)   reverse pivot jump shot

7)   rip, power dribble, jump shot

8 )   forward pivot, up and under

9)   push dribble

h)   guard, wing, and high post moves

1)   jab step jump shot

2)   pull-up jump shot

3)   cross over jump shot, drive

4)   lunge step

5)   jab step

6)   jab step and go

7)   rocker step and shoot

8 )   jab step and cross-over

9)   jab step, pull back and shoot

ii)   Passing And Catching

a)   chest and bounce passes

b)   overhead and step-around passes

c)   flip pass

d)   power catch

e)   fake pass

f)    passing into the low post

g)   passing judgment

h)   catching the basketball

i)  no-look passing

iii)  Dribbling

a)   dribbling judgment

b)  low dribble

c)   v-dribble

d)  spin dribble

e)   power dribble

f)    speed dribble

g)  inside-out and push-pull dribbles

h)   change-of-pace dribble

i)     through-the-legs dribble

j)    responding to a wolf

iv)  Movement With The Ball

a)   jump stop

b)   protecting the ball

1)   triple-threat position

2)   low-threat

3)   rip moves

4)   pivoting

c)   using a pick/screen

d)   dribble penetration

e) initiating a drive

v)   Movement Without the Ball

a)   cutting (i.e., getting open for a pass)

1)   L-cut

2)   V-cut

3)   backdoor/basket-cut

4)   “give and go”

5)   fake pass (how to respond if faked to)

b)   helping a trapped teammate

c)   picking and screening

d)   calling out the wolf

B)   Defensive Skills

i)     on-ball

ii)   off-ball

iii)  man to man defensive skills

iv)  zone defensive skills

v)   fronting the defender

vi)  trapping

vii) pressing

C)  General Individual Skills

i)    rebounding

ii)   free throws

iii) boxing out

iv) responding to a box out

III)  Team Skills

A)   Man to Man Offense

i)     pick and roll

ii)   types of cuts (see: cutting)

iii)  give and go (see: cutting)

iv)  triple threat position

v)   rip moves

B)   Man to Man Defense

i)    defending the pick and roll

ii)   hands on

iii)  physicality at the post position

iv)  shutting down a motion offense

C)  Zone Offense

i)     Baiscs of Zone Offense

D)  Zone Defense

i)     Basics of Zone Defense

E)   General Offensive Skills

i)     maintain your spacing

ii)   attacking the defender’s lead foot

iii)  passing without looking

iv)  positioning for the outlet pass

v)   getting your teammate’s attention

F)   General Defensive Skills

i)     trapping/pressing

ii)   blocking movement

iii)  stealing the pass, and recovering when you over play

iv)  overplaying your opponent

G)  General Team Skills

i)     Fast Break Offense

ii)   Fast Break Defense

iii)  Pressing and responding to a press

iv)  Trapping and responding to a trap

IV)Game Rules

A)   Legal guarding position

B)   Incidental contact

C)  Blocking

D)  Holding

E)   Illegal Screen

F)   Over the back

G)  Charging

H)  Traveling

I)    Double Dribble

J)    Three Seconds in the Lane

K)   5-seconds closely guarded

L)   Over and Back

M)  Out of Bounds