Confidence – the luxury of forgetting


In the movie The Lion King, sidekick Pumba tells Simba that he needs to “put his behind in the past!” – a mangled version of the standard advice that, to be happy, you need to put your past actions out of your mind and move on – focus on the future.  It turns out that focusing on the future and not the past is also the secret to confidence as an athlete.  It helps to focus on what went well instead of focusing on what went wrong.  That’s not the same as saying you don’t have to work on your weaknesses – you do.  Just don’t rehash them constantly in your mind.

Dena Evans is currently the director of Point Guard College (PGC) and contributor to the Keys to the Gym blog site.  She was named “Miss High School Basketball” in Texas as a high school senior and then became a star at the University of Virginia, where she led her teams to three NCAA Final Four appearances and a 118-17 record during her four-year career.

These videos are part of a single presentation given by Dena during one of the PGC sessions.  It addresses her own failure of confidence during her early years at Virginia and what she learned about her own thinking that kept her from performing at her peak.

Watch the following videos in order and watch them with your parents.  Parents can go a long way to help players forget the past – mostly by not resurrecting it – repeatedly!

1) Dena Evans’ Confidence Crisis; Good Advice For Basketball Players (9:16) 

2) Lessons From Dena Evans’ Confidence Crisis; Think About What You Think About (4:10)

3) Thinking Habits (5:02)

4) The Luxury of Forgetting (1:09) 

5) Confidence from Preparation (2:52)

6) #1 Critic and #1 Fan (2:04)

7) Confidence and The 6:1 Ratio (0:58)