The Basics of Zone Defense

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In this video we look at the fundamentals of zone defense.  We look at the various defensive sets, why you would want to choose one set over another and the specifics of what you should be doing as a member of a zone defense.

In summary:

  1. defenders in a zone defense guard an area of the court rather than a person
  2. zone defenses are named based on the number of zones, counted from the half court line to the baseline
  3. each zone is a circle about 10 to 15 feet across
  4. defenders start at the center of the circle and move outward in the direction of the ball – the closer the ball the further you move to toward the outside of the zone
  5. don’t leave your zone unless the ball or a defender gets behind you
  6. guard an opponent in your zone just like you would if you were in a man-to-man defense
  7. don’t let opponents easily pass through your zone
  8. use your hands to feel around for an opponent who’s sneaking up behind you
  9. talk to each other – tell your teammates about opponents that they can’t see – tell them when you want to hand off responsibility for guarding an opponent to someone else