Basic Running Technique

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In this video we look at the fundamentals of running. The goal will be to make you a more efficient and effective runner on the basketball court. Ninety percent of the running you do on the basketball court will be for distances of less than 20 feet so we’re going to focus on moving as quickly as you can for relatively short distances. Also most moves in basketball start with or involve a change of direction at some point so the goal will be to get moving and change direction as quickly as possible.

In summary to being an efficient and effective runner in basketball:

  1. lean forward
  2. run on the balls of your feet
  3. swing your arms and hands from cheek to cheek (that is butt cheek to face cheek) along side your body – don’t allow your arms to cross-over in front of your body.


When cutting, there are two additional things to keep in mind:

  1. stay low at the start of your move and at each cut
  2. explode out of each cut by planting your outside foot and throwing your inside arm


These physical elements are unimportant compared to the one mental element:




  • None