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In this video we take a close look at a class of offensive movements without the ball called cuts.  These moves are used to create space between you and your defender so that you will be open to receive a pass.  Cut moves have several elements in common.  All involve a change of direction along with a change of speed.  They also involve another key element – surprise.  Only you will know when your cut will begin and that fact alone will give you a small amount of separation.  We look at the flare cut, the V-cut, the L-cut and the backdoor cut.  We also look at how a good fake pass can free up a teammate for an easy shot. In summary:

  • change speed from slow to fast when changing direction
  • make contact with your defender at the point of the cut
  • stay low as you approach the cut and as you start the cut
  • push off the side of your outside foot, don’t rotate on the ball of your foot
  • rotate your hips at the start of the cut to face in the direction you’re sprinting
  • make the first step out of the cut a big, explosive one